CentraSol Services include the following:

Fee Schedule Analysis

CentraSol has been able to achieve a high level of success by recovering and increasing legitimate revenue without risking compliance. Fee schedule analysis is an important part of this process. By evaluating what your organization is charging for services, we can help you determine whether viable revenue is being billed or simply being lost.

Educated Appeals

The appeal process is key! Being successful in the appeals process not only will secure additional revenue, it sets a precedent with insurance carriers that you are up to date with regulations they are governed by and reduces the chances that there will be additional underpayments and/or denials of your future claims.

Expert Understanding

CentraSol consultants have an expert level of understanding of CMS regulations, Texas Medicaid regulations, Texas Department of Insurance regulations, Texas Insurance Code, ERISA regulations and Worker’s Compensation regulations related to prompt and proper payment.

Certified Ambulance Coder

Coding your claims to the highest level of specificity is important. How well do your claims establish the condition of the patient at the time of transport? Are your claims coded in a way that greatly reduces medical necessity denials? Specific coding yields less time between billing and revenue.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment Audits are the most important part to any EMS organization’s success and preparedness. In the age of billing errors and oversights and when CMS audit budgets are at an all-time high, it’s important to know your risks before you find yourself under review. Our comprehensive risk assessment better prepares your organization in the event of an audit.

Got a Plan? We Do!

We offer a monthly service plan that allows you to ensure your claims are continuously being monitored. The monthly program offers pre-bill or post-submission review of a percentage of your claims. In addition we offer an accounts receivable review. This review often nets revenue for accounts that were previously considered uncollectable. Lastly, we offer a billing policies and procedures manual, billing compliance manual and on-site or internet based documentation training.

HEMS Billing Services

Our experienced and extremely well trained team of professionals take pride in keeping up with the latest technology in the medical billing and coding field. We take great strides in helping you manage growth by relying on resources and training so that you and your staff can focus on what you do best-patient care.