CentraSol is an AIR and GROUND EMS consulting company that is focused strictly on improving billing processes to improve legitimate revenue and to help navigate your organization through the challenges of  air and ground EMS healthcare reimbursement and compliance. CentraSol was founded as a result of a need we found in helping companies deal with the increasing challenges in securing revenue your organization is legitimately entitled to.


Mike Johnson, President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael brings his 15+ years of experience in the healthcare field to the air ambulance consulting and billing services industry. His experience ranges from inpatient auditor for a large hospital system in New Mexico to charge auditor for a large air and ground ambulance company. Contact Michael for more information on services from CentraSol.


Marie Johnson, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

The first Certified Ambulance Coder™ in the United States, Marie has been involved in healthcare billing since 1996. Her experience as the Director of Billing and Compliance Operations for a large air and ground ambulance company has helped her hone her skills in compliance implementation, appeals and revenue recovery and management.


CentraSol’s Commitment: Provide Expert Consulting Services to Public and Private EMS Communities.