Compliance Services

Compliance is key to the success and survival of EMS organizations. Ambulance companies have to provide more information all while reimbursements are dwindling. It’s a fine balance between remaining profitable and breaking the law. Compliant and efficient billing practices are important to any ambulance organization. CMS is adding more resources in order to conduct broader audits to check for fraud and abuse.

CentraSol consultants are valuable allies to help EMS organizations strategize and in financial and compliance matters. Our consultants allow EMS providers to concentrate on their daily operations without worrying extraneous details that don’t produce revenue. Whether you have an outside billing vendor or do your billing in house, CentraSol consultants can help compliment your process to maximize revenue and strengthen your compliance program.

Government Audits? No problem.

In the current economy, it might seem like employing the services of an EMS consultant would be frivolous. However, how can you afford not to invest in your organization’s future? In the era of increased government audits, enforcements and enticing compensation for whistleblowers, your EMS consulting team is an integral part of your organization.